You're exactly where you're meant to be...

(...yes, really!)

No matter what you've been through in your life or how long ago certain events happened that may have left harmful inner messaging, it's not too late for you to take back your power and live out your wildest dreams. 

I'm a living example of this truth.

Whether you're seeking to heal from the past, cultivate more self-love, care, and compassion in your life, do what you love while creating the income and impact you desire – or all of the above – you're in the right place. If you're open to it, I'm determined to help you get there and would love to provide clear guidance, structure, curriculum, and support as we go on that journey together. 

Below you'll find the curriculum outline for a 5-Module Digital Course, where I will guide you through this transformation step-by-step. 

Just in case you need to hear this today, Love, you are on this Earth for a reason, and you too can step fully into your power, experience the magic of unshakeable self-love, inner peace, and joy, and make the income and impact you seek to create. 

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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Heal Your Mindset & Gain Clarity

External success begins within. In this module, we’ll do the deep inner work to help you heal your mindset, identify & re-frame limiting beliefs, clarify your needs and desires, and replace fear with love. You'll receive support mindfully processing challenging life circumstances you have faced, and find ways to alchemize your experiences into a sense of purpose. We’ll also help you to dream bigger, set new standards for your life, create a financial self-care plan, & design a business and/or career vision that will feel good to your mind, body, and soul while simultaneously meeting your most ambitious financial goals.

Module 2: Create Space & Rituals

Overcome the blocks that are holding you back. We’ll help you fully release the past and cut chords with that which no longer serves you – with regard to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In this module, you’ll learn how to reclaim your schedule and the power to design your time, gain tools to help you set clear boundaries, say “no” with grace, and move from a place of service without resentment. We’ll also set up new rituals that will reinforce your elevated standards, prioritize self-care, and empower you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Module 3: Build Confidence & Start Playing Big

In this module, we’ll focus on building confidence, self-esteem, and a greater sense of self-efficacy to achieve your goals. The term “self-efficacy” refers to your beliefs about your ability to effectively perform the tasks needed to attain a valued goal. We’ll do deep inner work to repair damaged self-worth and help you gently build up confidence. You'll be supported in proactively taking baby steps which lead to “small wins” that gradually build momentum toward “big wins”. As you come to understand your true self-worth and value, you will be supported in moving from any areas in your life and career where you are “playing small” to “playing big.”

Module 4: Take Inspired Action & Let it Be Easy

Inspired actions are far more effective than iron-willed actions. It’s time to release the “shoulds” and focus on taking actions that feel good to you, “letting it be easy” and releasing any harsh sense of “self-discipline.” Instead, we’ll be focusing on radical self-compassion, “working smart,” and effectively planning sustainable action. We’ll also focus on setting clear intentions for the “why” behind your goals that will naturally inspire you toward action that allows you to fully enjoy the process, release attachment to outcomes, and allow the results you desire to come to you organically.

Module 5: Get Support & Skills Training

We’ll identify areas where you need extra support, tasks you wish to outsource, and any skills you wish to build. Then we’ll create an action plan to get the support you need and develop the skill set required to attain the success you are seeking. Do you wish to get better at public speaking, writing, web design, relationship-building, business development, marketing, etc.? Let’s strategize, identify your “next best move” and create a long-term game-plan together.

Let's go on this empowerment journey together!

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What You Get

  • 5 Course Modules

    With multiple video trainings in each module, plus worksheets, exercises, & PDFs

  • 5 Guided Meditations

    That are specific to each module

  • Printable Journal + Planner

    To plan and track your success

  • Lifetime Access to Course Curriculum

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  • Personalized Support

    From Nicole every step of the way!

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